Steel Backed Timber Guardrail and Timber Fencing

Steel Backed Timber GuardrailSteel Backed Timber Guardrail

Cor-Tenn rail is the first choice in steel backed timber guardrail systems. They are engineered to be maintenance free out of southern yellow pine and weathering steel. We ship them completely pre-assembled, including all required fasteners needed for in-ground installation.

Steel-Backed Timber Guardrail
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The open design of The Cor-Tenn Company's Steel-Backed Timber Guardrail System makes it a natural blend with seascapes and landscapes. Our guardrails have been successfully blended into some of our country's most beautiful scenic and historic areas. The Henry Ford Museum, U.S.Coast Guard Academy, Balboa Park, Windcave National Park and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park are but a few.

Cor-Tenn guardrail systems are customize for each job. Our representatives consult with architects and engineers in the pre-bid stages and remain a part of the team through completion. We frequently serve as intermediaries between designers, engineers, inspectors, field superintendents and project managers.

Cor-Tenn also offers:

  • MaxFence (see specs)
    heavy duty fencing
  • ParkRail (see specs)
    ideal for parking lot borders, people barriers, trails and bike paths
  • Timber components for bridging applications
    using Southern Yellow Pine, Fir, and Western Red Cedar
Steel Bakced Timber Guardrail
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Cor-Tenn treats with both Chromate Copper Arsenate (CCA) and pentachlorophenol (Penta) to .60lbs per cubic foot retention - conforming to American Wood Preservers Association and FHWA design standards.

Need more detailed information about our guardrail systems?

Download our spec sheets.

download steel backed timber guardrail specs download acrobat reader

Steel Backed Timber Guardrail